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Thank you so much for visiting the Alpha Chi Omega website at the University of Kentucky!  In Alpha Chi, one of our goals is to enrich the lives of our sisters through a lifetime of opportunities.  Our members strive for excellence in character, leadership ability, academic achievement, personal development, and financial responsibility.  We are so proud to have a strong sisterhood that is built off of our values of wisdom, devotion, and achievement.  Throughout this lifetime experience we help each other grow into Real, Strong Women through our experiences and passion for our philanthropy, domestic violence awareness.  As Chapter President, I cannot explain how much Alpha Chi has given me.  These women have inspired me to be more confident in myself and as a leader.  They have given me my best memories of my college experience that I will cherish forever.  I have become a Real, Strong, Woman from the guidance and programs I was able to experience through Alpha Chi Omega.  I am so thankful for Alpha Chi Omega and the commitment that will not only last me throughout my years of college, but for a lifetime.




Lauren Archambeau, President 

Helping our community build real, strong,women.

Leadership Ability

​Within every sister is the ability to be a leader. By acting on that ability, sisters are able to grow and develop into the real strong women they are meant to be. We are so proud of how involved all of our sisters are on the University of Kentucky campus. Alpha Chi Omega is present in religious organizations, student programming organizations, academic organizations, and honors societies. Getting involved during college is extremely important and we so value all of our sisters who lead this campus!


​​Alpha Chi Omega has a unique sisterhood that represents many backgrounds and supports the growth of social awareness and moral integrity in each sister. Through philanthropic efforts, MyJourney programs, and involvement with the surrounding community, each member is given a space to grow and reflect in a way that represents herself and strengthens the bond of Alpha Chi Omega. As our symphony states, we pride ourselves in “keeping our lives in tune with the world that we shall make no discords with the harmony of life” and we will “send forth the chords of love, unselfishness, and sincerity” to each person we meet.  

Academic Interest

Academic interest is one of the five membership criteria of Alpha Chi Omega and is one the Delta Omega chapter exemplifies every day. We are students at the University of Kentucky first, and we strive to support each other in our academic and career goals. We love to spend late nights with sisters at the Willy T library, collecting study hours and making memories. We even have “Starbucks for Studying” gift card contest that we try to win each week. We always have people to sit by in class and sisters to reach out to when we need help. Also, the Vice President of Intellectual Development and her committee provide support within our chapter and connect sisters to the campus resources that are available at UK. The Delta Omega chapter has improved academically every semester since our founding and continues to keep academic interest at the heart of our sisterhood.

Personal Development

Alpha Chi Omega believes in the development of its members through cultural appreciation, social awareness, and personal presentation. We try to promote this through programs called MyJourney, which we put on a few times each semester. These programs have discussed topics such as healthy living, goal setting, time management, and social media presence. Our sisters walk away from these meetings feeling empowered and ready to take on what life may throw at them!

Financial Responsibility

Financial responsibility is one of Alpha Chi Omega’s membership criteria. Each member is held responsible for her financial obligations, which includes semester-based dues and other fees for activities, such as sisterhood events. Statements are sent out on the first of each month and due on the 25th day of that month. By receiving these monthly statements, members gain real life experience in weighing their needs vs. wants to ensure that they have enough money to cover their dues and fees. Holding members accountable for their finances is another way that Alpha Chi Omega prepares and helps shape members into strong, intelligent, and responsible women.

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